An alternative journey through SAN FRANCISCO seen from the perspective of DIRTY HARRY filming locations

Park Emergency

811 Stanyan Street, San Francisco, CA 94117, USA


Park Emergency Hospital features only briefly in the film although the dialogue exchange that takes place here is vitally important in the context of the plot.

After receiving a knife in the leg during his failed attempt to collect the money and kill Callahan at the Cross, Scorpio is seen hobbling into the hospital for treatment.

After receiving information that a “guy with a knife wound in the leg” had been treated here, Callahan and Fatso visit the hospital and elicit crucial information from the resident doctor regarding the identity of the patient.

The doctor eventually recalls where he’s seen suspect, believing he “sells programs at the stadium” and that the groundskeeper “let’s him live there”. “Live where?”, Callahan probes. The Doc, leading Callahan and Fatso out through the side entrance, points towards a blurred outline in the distance. “There….Kezar Stadium!”

The hunt is now on.

Scene-shot (00:59:14): Park Emergency Hospital main entrance as seen in the film moments after Scorpio hobbles in for treatment on the knife wound. Note brickwork around archway.


Located along Stanyan Street just a short walk from Kezar Stadium, the exterior of old hospital building, built in 1902, looks almost identical to how it did in 1971.

The arched entrance Scorpio hobbles through is clearly identifiable as is the original interior wood panelling seen behind Callahan when he sits down to talk to the doctor (scene-shot 01:01:48). Even the heavy-set wooden doors of the side entrance where the Doc leads Callahan and Fatso outside at the end of the scene seem to be the very same doors.

Today the building no longer functions as a hospital. It now serves as offices for the San Francisco Natural Areas and Volunteer Program which deals with the preservation and restoration of the city’s ecological habitats.

Scene-shot (00:59:10): Scorpio himself in tan chinos hobbling through the distinctive arch of Park Emergency Hospital's main entrance to have his knife wound treated.

Scene-shot (01:00:39): "Long blond hair, medium build, about 150lbs, pale complexion." The resident Park Emergency Doc describing to Callahan a guy hes just treated who matches Scorpio's description.

Scene-shot (01:01:48): "For Christ's sake she'll be dead in an hour." - Callahan seated in park Emergency pressing the Doctor to remember more information about the patient "with the knife wound". Note the darkened tan wood panelling behind Callahan - this same wood panelling still forms part of the interior decor.

Scene-shot (01:01:33): The Doc leading Callahan and Fatso out through the side entrance. Note the thick wooden doors and brickwork.

Scene-shot (01:01:40): The doctor leads Callahan and Fatso out through the side doors of Park Emergency to show them Kezar Stadium where he thinks Scorpio lives and works. The dim silhouette of the stadium can just be seen in the top right corner.


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