An alternative journey through SAN FRANCISCO seen from the perspective of DIRTY HARRY filming locations

Hot Mary

Krausgrill Place, North Beach, San Francisco, CA, USA


In what is mostly a serious and tense film, the “Hot Mary” scene where Callahan is caught “pie hawking” makes for an amusing interlude. It illustrates the lighter side of Callahan’s character over his usually professional and austere demeanour.

It begins with Callahan and Chico receiving reports over the car radio that the “rooftop prowler” was last seen wearing tan chinos and carrying a tan suitcase. Chico suddenly spots a suspect fitting the description running west down Filbert Street: “There, tan suitcase! Does that bag not look tan to you?” Callahan:  “I dunno, I haven’t seen the son of a bitch yet!”

As Callahan speeds up he nearly runs over two pedestrians. Chico: “Let’s go to Filbert and hang left. Look out for these people!” Pedestrian: “Hey, fruitcake, what the hell are you doing?” Callahan: “Get out of the way, hammerhead!”

Meantime, the shadowy figure, clutching a tan suicase, continues down Filbert Street then suddenly swings right into Krausgrill Place, a narrow residential alleyway. Callahan and Chico pull up. While Chico finds another way in, Callahan follows the suspect up the alley.

The man with the tan suitcase enters one of the apartments. Callahan climbs on a wobbly garbage can to get a closer through the window. He watches as the suspect and his semi-naked girlfriend (Hot Mary) engage in some harmless frolicking. Callahan suddenly looses balance. He falls and is promptly set upon by a group of unimpressed locals who accuse him of “pie-hawking”. Hot Mary, in all her glory, appears at the window to investigate the fuss before Chico arrives to save the day.

The suspect with the tan suitcase turns out to be a “wrong number”.



Scene-shot (00:24:29): After watching the suspect run up this alleyway (Krausgrill Place) Callahan approaches the entrance cautiously, cocking his magnum, preparing to follow. Note the street sign (just behein him), the garage door, and the brickwork. All these features are exactly the same in 2010.


Krausgrill Place is only a few minutes walk from Saints Peter and Paul Church; head east up Filbert Street and you’ll find it on the left side (Callahan and Chico approach from the opposite direction).

Most of what you see in the film in 1971 still exists today. After watching the suspect run up this alleyway (Krausgrill Place) Callahan approaches the entrance cautiously, cocking his magnum, preparing to follow. Note the greyish street sign post (just behind him), the panelled garage door, and the brickwork. All these features are exactly the same in 2010.

At the top of the alley the road swings right. Callahan pauses at the corner by a wooden telegraph pole and concrete bollard. He looks right and waits until the suspect is out of sight before proceeding further. The brickwork on the corner, the wooden telegraph pole, and concrete bollard we see in this scene are all still present today. Then, of course, is Hot Mary’s window itself just a few yards further along.

Visiting the alley is surreal; the only disappointment is that Hot Mary no longer lives there! Hail Mary, full of grace / Our Lord is with thee / Blessed art thou among women…..

Scene-shot (00:24:55): As Callahan approaches the top of the alley he pauses at the corner, looks right, and waits until the suspect is out of sight before proceeding further. Notice the brickwork on the corner and the wooden telegraph pole. In 2010 the (same) brickwork and the wooden pole are still present (see photographs). Note also the dimly lit silhouette of San Francisco’s famous Coit Tower in the distance.

Scene-shot (00:25:50): Caught in the act. Pie-hawking. Callahan atop a garbage can watching the suspect and his semi-naked girlfriend, Hot Mary.

Scene-shot (00:26:02): “Lousy peeping Tom. You getting an eyefull? Goddamn pie-hawker.” After falling from the garbage can Callahan takes a kicking from some “neighbourhood vigilantes” who are not impressed by his methods of surveillance. At this point they are unaware Callahan is a police officer.

Scene-shot (00:26:03): Hail Mary, full of grace / Our Lord is with thee / Blessed art thou among women / and blessed is the fruit of thy womb / Jesus / Holy Mary, Mother of God / pray for us sinners / now and at the hour of our death / Amen. Hot Mary (actress Lois Foraker), in all her blessed glory, appears at the window to see what the commotion is about.

Scene-shot (00:26:28): “A Police Officer? Why, he was standing on that garbage can peeking in on Hot Mary and her boyfriend!” The leader of the local boys explains to Chico why they were laying into Callahan. Callahan orders Chico to “let ’em go” which tacitly implies that his interest in Hot Mary did in fact extend beyond the scope of pure police investigation!

Scene-shot (00:26:45): Chico: “You know, I just had another thought”. Callahan: “Yeah? About what? Chico: “Oh, about why they call you Dirty Harry.”

Scene-shot (00:26:56): Towards the end of the scene Callahan and Chico respond to a radio call regarding a “8-0-4 in progress at California Hall at Polk and Turk Streets”. Note the white doors at the back of the alley and the wooden telegraph pole/lamp-post to the right where Callahan stopped to peer around the corner earlier in the scene. Both are still present in 2010.


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  1. MaryFan

    Thought we were the only Hot Mary fans on the globe. Great site, Wife and I love it. Long live Hot Mary (and her boyfriend).

    July 30, 2011 at 17:19

    • Thank you for your kind compliment. Yes, Hot Mary is a packet of class and undoubtedly the sexiest woman to ever grace our screens. If she’s good enough for Callahan, she needs no further accolades. Hot Mary, you Goddess, beyond redress, your esteem riseth the more, as always, humbling us to the core.

      September 11, 2011 at 23:27

      • Dirty Harry the fictional police detective crime fighter & vigilante hero from San Francisco Police Department battles criminals terrorists extremists saboteurs kidnappers drug smugglers & other enemies & protect the innocent & uphold the law in the streets of San Francisco & beyond. Thanks!

        May 31, 2017 at 16:27

    • Will Smith is the new Dirty Harry Callaghan to the big screen soon. Thanks for the information. From:Wayne

      May 31, 2017 at 16:29

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