An alternative journey through SAN FRANCISCO seen from the perspective of DIRTY HARRY filming locations

Hall of Justice

850 Bryant Street, San Francisco, CA 94103, USA


The Hall of Justice features extensively throughout the film as Callahan’s HQ. He meets here with Lt. Bressler and the Chief of Police on numerous occasions.

The most memorable scene occurs at the very beginning before the opening credits. The camera slowly pans down a list of names etched into a plaque located below a large San Francisco police badge.

The plaque is a tribute to all SFPD officers killed in the line of duty since 1878. It’s a powerful introduction to the film giving the immediate impression that San Francisco’s streets are violent and unforgiving thus in need of tough and perhaps unconventional law enforcement methods (enter Callahan).

Scene-shot (00:00:13): Hall of Justice plaque as it appears in the opening seconds of the film.


The plaque is in exactly the same position now as it was in 1971. Enter the Hall of Justice through the main doors on Bryant Street and head into the entrance hall. It’s located on the right wall just to the side of the security checkpoint.

Try explaining to the guards nice and polite why you’re there and they’ll probably let you through. When told I was a “Dirty Harry enthusiast” the duty guard grinned and with a understanding nod of his head motioned me towards the plaque. Another officer even relayed stories about some of the deceased men.

The first name on the plaque, John Coots, is dated 1878; the last (as I write), Bryan D. Tuvera, 2006. In 1971, when the film was being made, there were 80 names on the plaque. A further 21 names have been added since then raising the current total to 101.  Gunfire, stabbings and vehicle pursuit accidents account for over 70% of the fallen officers.

Scene-shot (00:00:40): Close up of the plaque as seen in the opening of the film.

Scene-shot (00:40:45): Approaching the steps outside the main entrance Chico and Callahan stride into the Hall of Justice to be briefed on Scorpio's latest move - the kidnap of Ann-Mary Deacon.

Scene-shot (00:33:17): Mural above the main entrance of the Hall of Justice, 850 Bryant Street.

Scene-shot (00:33:12): Seventies pot-heads loitering outside the Hall of Justice as the camera pans in towards the building.


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